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Article 1 (Definition)

The definitions of terms used in this agreement are as follows.

(1) This service

Services operated by the Company and related services

(2) This site

Website where the contents of this service are posted

(3) This content

Generic term for characters, sounds, still images, videos, software programs, codes, etc. provided on this service (including posted information)

(4) User

Everyone who uses this service

(5) Intellectual property

Inventions, devices, new varieties of plants, designs, copyrighted works, and other things created by human creative activities (natural laws or phenomena that have been discovered or elucidated that have industrial applicability) Including), trademarks, trade names, etc. that indicate products or services used in business activities, trade secrets, and other technical or business information useful for business activities.

(6) Intellectual property rights

Patent rights, utility model rights, breeder rights, design rights, copyrights, trademark rights and other intellectual property rights stipulated by law or rights related to legally protected profits.

Article 2 (Agreement to this agreement)

1 The user can use this service after agreeing to these Terms of Use.

2 When the user downloads this service to a smartphone or other information terminal and performs the procedure for consenting to this agreement, the user and our company establish a usage contract in accordance with the provisions of this agreement. 

3 If the user is a minor, please use this service with the consent of a parent or other legal representative.

4 In order to believe that a minor user uses the service if he / she pretends that he / she consents without the consent of the legal representative or if he / she pretends that he / she is an adult about his / her age. If you use fraudulent techniques, you cannot cancel all legal acts related to this service.

5 If a user who was a minor at the time of consent of this agreement used this service after reaching the age of adult, the said user is deemed to have confirmed all legal acts related to this service.

Article 3 (Change of Terms)

1 The Company may revise the contents of this agreement at any time without obtaining the consent of the user, and the user consents to this without any objection.

2 When we revise this agreement, we will notify the user about the contents by the method prescribed by our company.

3 The effect of the revision of the previous Terms shall come from the time when the Company makes the notification in accordance with the preceding paragraph.

4 The user is deemed to have agreed without any objection to the changed Terms of Use at the time of using the Service after changing the Terms.

Article 4 (norms of information content)

1. The user is responsible for selecting the contents to be distributed to this service, complying with related laws and regulations and social norms, and using this service.

2. The user shall not deliver the content defined by the following information, content, or behavior, etc., and content determined by the Company to be content equivalent thereto.

-Falsification (including cases where it is not based on rational materials) or distorted facts.

・Images of obscene expressions or obscene acts, and images of the appearance or limbs of a third party without the consent of the third party (voyeurism, etc.)

・The act of seeking, responding to, or mediating information relating to relationships beyond the bounds of social convention.

・Acts that cause or promote discrimination, prejudice, hatred, harassment or infringement of rights against a specific individual or specific group.

・Including excessive political content or for the purpose of transmitting only a specific political belief (including the case of promoting the activities of terrorists)

・Information including violent or cruel expressions (including self-harm)

-Third party's intellectual property rights (including patent rights, utility model rights, design rights, trademark rights, copyrights (including those defined in Articles 27 and 28 of the Copyright Act)), portrait rights, privacy Information that violates any right, publicity right, honorary right, credit or other right or legitimate interest

-Information including computer viruses and other harmful computer programs (including those that use bugs, malfunctions, etc. of this service and those that may harm network security)

・Those that leak or obtain personal information, business information, information related to private life (including address, telephone number, e-mail address, ID, password, account information) of third parties including our company.

・Selling, auctioning, monetary payment requests, advertising of specific products or services, information disclosure for the purpose of advertising, and other solicitation purposes without the consent of the Company.

・Information that impairs the peace of life of individuals (including cases where the service, such as those that insult, intimidate, or threaten others including this service, and financial requests to a third party including our company). ..).

・Acts that violate the law or criminal acts, or acts related to promoting criminal acts

-Contents that disturb the order of the nation or society, or contents that destroy its stability.
・Information that violates public order and morals or social norms.

Article 5 (Prohibited acts)

1. The user shall use this service and the services incidental to it at their own responsibility and expense and shall not infringe the legitimate interests of a third party including our company.

2. The user shall not provide worms of computers, computer viruses or spy software, or perform any other actions that may affect the expected operation of this service, regarding this service and its accompanying services.

3. The user must not change, modify or change the function of this service without obtaining the written consent of our company, relying on or mimicking the content of this service to provide the same or similar service as this service. May not be developed or provided. In addition, you shall not use this service for the purpose of this act, or obtain the information related to this service and verify it.

4. The user must not take any action that interferes with the use of other users of this service, and must not let a third party perform this action.

5. In addition to the matters set forth in the preceding items, the content posted on this service or services incidental to it, either by itself or through a third party, may be used commercially or privately without obtaining the written consent of our company. No matter what, if any,
・Reproduction of logo used for service, service name, any image displayed on interface (including screen shot image) or information.
・Acts such as copying, summarizing, reprinting or distributing, and any other usage.
・Acts to obtain information related to the use of this service, such as users of the service, viewers (including the use of traffic analysis tools and other services provided by third parties).

・ Even if you consent to the provision of information to a third party, the customer considers the act of the third party as his or her own act, and if the act of the third party causes damage to the company, it will occur to the company All damages (including reasonable attorney's fees) must be paid. In addition, it is necessary to impose obligations in writing to a third party who is the recipient of the agreement, which is equal to or higher than the Terms of Use.
-Regarding posting of this service and services incidental to it, it is necessary to follow the scope and method approved by our company.
-It is necessary to take all safety measures to prevent unauthorized use of information related to our company by a third party.

Article 6 (Disclaimer)

1 Our company will not be liable for any damages caused by modification, interruption or termination of this service.

2 The Company does not take any responsibility for the user's usage environment of this service and takes no responsibility.

3 We do not gurantee that this service is compatible with the specific purpose of the user, this service has the expected functions, product value, accuracy, and usefulness. Also, we do not guarantee that the laws and regulations including the internal rules of industry groups that apply to the user's use of this service will be met. In addition, we do not guarantee that no malfunction will occur.

4 We do not guarantee that this service is compatible with all information terminals, and malfunctions of this service may occur due to version upgrade of OS of information terminals used for this service. The user acknowledges in advance that there is a possibility. The Company does not guarantee that such problems will be resolved by modifying the programs that the Company performs when such problems occur.

5 The user acknowledges in advance that the use of part or all of this service may be restricted due to changes in the terms of use and operating policy of service stores such as App Store and Google Play.

6 The Company shall not be liable for any damage caused to the user directly or indirectly by using this service.

7 Even if the Company is notified in advance of the possibility of damage to the Company for lost opportunities, business interruptions and any other damages (including indirect damages and lost profits) that occurred to users or other third parties, we do not take any responsibility.

8 The provisions of paragraphs 1 to 7 above do not apply if there was intent or gross negligence on the Company or if the contract is a consumer under the Consumer Contract Law.

9 Even if the preceding paragraph is applied, the Company shall not be liable for any damage caused by special circumstances among the damages caused to the user by the act of negligence (excluding gross negligence). 

10 If we are liable for damages related to the use of this service, we shall be liable only up to the amount of usage received from the user in the month in which the damage occurred.

11 The Company shall not be liable for any dispute or trouble between a user and another user. Even if trouble occurs between the user and other users, it will be the responsibility of both parties to solve it and we will not make any claims.

12 If the user damages other users or causes a dispute with a third party in connection with the use of this service, the user shall compensate or take such damages at his own expense and responsibility and resolve the dispute. The user shall not cause any inconvenience or damage to our company.

13 If a third party makes a claim for damages or anything due to a user's action, the user's cost (lawyer's cost) and responsibility shall be taken for resolution. When the Company pays damages to the third party, the user pays all costs including the damages (including attorney's fees and lost profits) to the Company.

14 If the user causes damage to us in connection with the use of this service, he/she shall compensate the damage (including litigation expenses and lawyer expenses) to us at the expense and responsibility of the user.

15 If it is reasonably determined that the content of the delivery may damage the Company, the user, or a third party, this service may stop the delivery at its own discretion.

Article 7 (Posting advertisements)

It is assumed that the user understands and consents to the fact that any advertisement may be included on the Service and that the Company or its affiliates may post any advertisement. The form and scope of advertisements on this service may be changed by the Company from time to time.

Article 8 (Prohibition of transfer of rights)

1 The user shall not transfer the status under this Agreement and all or part of the rights or obligations under this Agreement to a third party without the prior written consent of the Company.

2 The Company may transfer all or part of the Service to a third party at its discretion. In that case, All rights of the user of the Service, including the user's account within the transferred rights, are transferred to the transferee.

Article 9 (Separability)

Even if any clause or part of this agreement is judged invalid or unexecutable by the Consumer Contract Law or other laws and regulations, the rest or part of this agreement of which part is determined to be invalid or unexecutable will remain in full force and effect.

Article 10 (How to contact us)

Users regarding this service may contact us or make inquiries by sending from the inquiry form installed at an appropriate place within the service or the website operated by us or by a method specified by us separately. 

Article 11 (Governing Law, Court of Jurisdiction)

1 The validity, interpretation and performance of this agreement shall be in accordance with Japanese law and shall be interpreted in accordance with Japanese law.

2 For discussions, litigation, or any other dispute between the Company and users, the Nagoya Summary Court or the Nagoya District Court will be the exclusive agreement jurisdictional court depending on the amount of the complaint.